29 December 2009

Organizing Pictures

I never realized just how disorganized my pictures were until I tried to organize them. First, I put them in envelopes by what occasion. Then, I sort what pictures I want to use on my pages and which ones I want to put into regular photo albums. Then, I write down what pictures I have in a notebook. The order depends on what pages I want to work on first. Then, I write the sizes and whether they are vertical or horizontal. Later, (hours, days, weeks, or sometimes months later), I sit down with some layout sketches from magazines, friends, online sources, etc. and draw up how I am going to layout the pages using the pictures. Sometimes I choose the papers and embellishments then the layouts and sometimes I choose the layouts and then the papers and embellishments.
By doing this, I save myself a lot of headaches while scrapping. Usually I stick to the layout I have chosen, but sometimes I will change certain aspects of it. However, the stress of figuring out what to do is non-existent when I follow this format.
Hope this helps when you can't figure out what to do with your pictures and how to make the most of your scrapbooking time.

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