01 January 2010

Hot Chocolate

Worked on my oldest son's Hot Chocolate page today. Did not do anything, but use the cricut to cut a few accent pieces.

Instead, helped mom with her perpetual calendar. She decided to keep the wood look and add Mickey embellishments. She put a Mickey face on one side, a Mickey icon with the words Mickey Mouse on the other, and love (heart) that mouse on the back. We got all those pieces cut out and she glued them together. Then, she decided on the font for the months and days. Of course, she is using Mickey font.

I am going to use the DS to weld the letters of each month together for her. Then, we just have to cut, paste, and modge podge. She said that she didn't plan to do anymore tonight, but I bet she is home cutting the numbers as I am posting this blog.

We would have gotten more done today, but it took the DS 1/2 hour to update. What a pain. It was not the best time spent, but the DS is one of the best scrapbooking tools I own.

I will post pictures and .cut files when we are finished.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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